Welcome to SHIFT Global Operations.

SHIFT Global Operations has a mandate to see transformation on a global scale through innovative transformation-strategies for impacting enterprises, culture, marriages and individuals. SHIFT Global Operations achieves its mandate through partnering with both intercessors and enterprises of influence to see God bring righteous alignment to every sphere. In addition to our prayer support network, SHIFT Global Operations oversees two distinct divisions; Your Legendary Marriage, which develops practical resources for marriages, and SHIFT College of Intercession which trains and certifies corporate intercessors for global impact.  Click here for our business brochure:  Business Brochure

Your Legendary Marriage, is our justice mission which includes marriage resourcing, marriage seminars and marriage mentorship programs to counter the growing misalignment of covenant in our culture.  We strongly adhere to the belief that enterprises of influence adopt a justice issue and involve its leaders and its finance towards seeing righteous alignment in that sphere.  www.yourlegendarymarriage.com

SHIFT College of Intercession is a corporate intercessor vocational training college. We provide hands-on training and educational standards for the intercessory profession around the globe.  SCI operates in a convergence of enterprise partnerships and our highly detailed and disciplined prayer structures.  These phenomenal enterprises invest in our work co-op scholarships to help propel intercessors to become the elite in their profession.  www.shiftcollege.com

  • With the help of powerful business enterprises we qualify the profession of intercession through high-quality education along with real hands-on application of the mental acquisition.  We believe with our practical and elite standards we will bring great impact on a global scale.
  • The founding heart of SHIFT’s mission is to be a support for enterprises of influence, agreeing with their stature and influence to transform culture as they hold up the righteous standard.  These key leaders and enterprises give our interns the amazing opportunity to pray with feedback throughout all prayer training exercises.

Cities of Prayer – Mobilizing Cities of Prayer for all Nations.  Cities of Prayer is a website that declares our cities are cities of prayer for all nations.  The vision of this website is to see all the prayer groups of a city united as one church body praying 24-hours a day 7-days a week.  Look at it like a 24-hour church/ministry prayer signup sheet, where you do not need to pray alone.  www.citiesofprayer.com